Happy Holidays from Brady Bastards

Here's wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Eggnog Hangovers!

First Opening for a National Act

Brady Bastards are proud to announce that they will be playing on December 11, 2004 with none other than NYC's legendary Murphy's Law! Get tickets HERE and acoid the Tickets.Com surcharge!

Brady Bastards to Sign Label Deal

Brady Bastards are about to sign an indie label deal with Connecticut's Sling Slang Records. Stay tuned for all the details!

Sugar Cookie EP is Released!

Brady Bastards have just completed work at Smoke and Mirrors Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and are proud to release their first, self-produced EP, entitled Sugar Cookie! The songs can be downloaded here and CDs can be purchased at our shows! Auhtors :

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Like the illegitemate children of Mike and Carol, this trio, who have been friends and bandmates in many incarnations, unite like nerd-rock superheroes to bring back the ampersand (&) in Rock & Roll!

If math rock forgot its times tables, If Emo got happy, you'd have the Brady Bastards. Its not neo progressive post punk with a jam band edge using alternate tunings, its often fast, sometimes furious rock & roll. You'll find the beat and the hook so irresistable that your ass won't ask your brain permission to start moving.

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